The Jetsurf Raceboards are ultra light weight high tech water machines, with the ability to be transported via person, car, boat, and plane (as personal luggage on international/domestic carrier flights). This allows all MSWC Racers to travel easily around the world together with their machine. This makes the MotoSurf WorldCup the cheapest, economical and environmentally most advanced and friendly Motorsport in the world today. Our Jetsurf Raceboards are the fastest water machines which are self carrying by its Riders. Last but not least is the MotoSurf WorldCup one of the safest Motorsport in the world, with Jetsurf Raceboards weighing as little as 18kg, the kinetic energy is minimal, if a Rider falls off his Raceboard and cuts the engine via the kill switch his Raceboard will stop after maximum 5 meter.



Kindly submit Online Application through website Registration Form before from the race.
For more information please call us on +971 2 681 55 66 - ext.222 
Ahmed El Tahir, Email: registration@adimsc.ae