Zahorsky shows his class; first Emirati challenges in women’s event


Abu Dhabi, UAE, 23rd February, 2020:  Lucas Zahorsky underlined his top billing at the inaugural UAE Motosurf Championship with victory in the men’s event in Abu Dhabi where he starts the defence of his world title next month.


Zahorsky topped qualifying ahead of František Novotný 22 and went on to comfortably beat his fellow Czech into second place in the final, with Martin Vlček in third place.


Czech riders dominate the current world rankings, with eight men and seven women occupying their respective top tens, and for several, including Zahorsky, the new event was ideal preparation for the opening round of the 2020 UIM MotoSurf World Cup in Abu Dhabi from 26-28 March.


There was another Czech 1-2-3 in the womens’ event, with world No.13 Valentina Novotná winning the final from No.6-ranked Barbora Janošková and Stella Ševčíková.


Fifth place, however, went to Luluwa Sultan, the first Emirati girl to take up the motosorf challenge laid down by Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club. ADIMSC wants to give UAE enthusiasts a chance to compete against the best in the fast rising water sport discipline of motorized surfing.


Matyáš Novotný captured the junior title ahead of fellow-Czechs Alex Lukscheider and sister Linda at the end of two days of competitive motosurfing which saw six UAE riders in action.


“We’re very happy with the local response so far and expect much more UAE interest and support for the World Cup next month”, said Salem Al Remeithi, General Manager of ADIMSC.


Caption:The prize giving at Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club.


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 Czech teenager promises high speed action on Abu Dhabi stage


Abu Dhabi, UAE, 19th February, 2020: Reigning world champion Lucas Zahorsky heads into this weekend’s inaugural UAE Motosurf Championship looking to give another reminder of the talent that has taken him to the top in this emerging water sport discipline.

 The 18-year-old has made a flying visit to Abu Dhabi to contest the new event after being impressed by what he found in the UAE capital during the 2019 UIM MotoSurf World Cup hosted by Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club (ADIMSC).




On that occasion, Zahorsky had to settle for second place when he was beaten in the men’s final by fellow Czech Petr Prucha, the former New York Rangers and Phoenix Coyotes ice hockey player.

“The competition was very strong here in Abu Dhabi last April, and I expect it will the same again this time,” said Zahorsky. “The course is in a semi-closed area which is not affected by the waves, so it’s likely that we’re going to have some exciting, high speed motosurf racing.”

 Basically a cross between surfboarding and jet-skiing, motosurfing sees riders reach speeds of up to 65kmh on ultra-light weight high tech motorised boards.

 Taking place over an 800m course set off the Abu Dhabi breakwater, the new UAE Motosurf Championship gets under way with the first series of qualifiers on Friday morning leading to more qualifiers and the men’s and ladies finals on Saturday.


Caption: The new UAE Motosurf Championship promise action like this in Abu Dhabi.


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World champion Al Mulla tops again as Emirati teenager Salman grabs best finish yet


Kuwait City, Kuwait, 15th February, 2020: Team Abu Dhabi’s Rashed Al Tayer was denied back-to-back victories in the Grand Prix of Kuwait today by another dramatic twist in the opening round of the 2020 UIM-ABP Aquabike World Championship.


The Emirati rider, who won the previous day’s first Runabout GP1 moto from pole position, made another superb start to moto two and held a comfortable lead from Kuwait’s Yousef Al Abdulrazzaq before being halted by mechanical problems on the eighth of 18 laps.


Four-time world champion Abdulrazzaq went on to win by 28.81 seconds from last year’s championship runner up, Denmark’s Marcus Jorgensen, with reigning world champion Jeremy Perez of France in third.


Team Abu Dhabi were celebrating later, however, when reigning world freestyle champion Rashid Al-Mulla added victory in moto 2 to his success the previous day to clinch his 11th consecutive Grand Prix success.


Al Tayer had been looking to clinch the opening Grand Prix of the season as he did in Portugal last year, and despite today’s setback looks capable of mounting a serious Runabout GP1 title challenge.


It may be some time before Team Abu Dhabi’s Salman Al Awadhi can do the same in Ski GP1.  But the 18-year-old underlined his undoubted talent by producing his best finish to date as he took second place in moto 3 behind Victory Team’s defending champion Kevin Reiterer.


Shaken by her finish line collision with fellow-Swede Jonna Borgstrom 24 hours earlier, Team Abu Dhabi’s Emma-Nellie Ortendahl bounced back to take second place in the third Ski Ladies GP1 moto behind France’s Jessica Chavanne, the overall Grand Prix winner.  


“I have some bruises and am still a little sore, but we managed to keep it together after some technical issues here,” said three-times world champion Ortendahl, making her team debut. 




Runabout GP1 – Moto 2


1. Yousef Al Abdulrazzaq      (KWT) 18 laps

2. Marcus Jorgensen                (Den)               +28.81

3. Jeremy Perez                       (FRA)              +44.30

4. Samuel Johansson               (SWE)             +1m.02           

5. Rasmus Koch Hansen         (DEN)             L1

6. Ali Allanjawi                       (UAE)             L1

7. Alejandro Molina Miranda(SPA)               L1

8. Andrzej Wisniewski            (POL)              L1       

9. Johan Johansson                  (SWE)             L2

10. Frederik Brandao              (GER)             L2


Ski GP1 – Moto 3


1. Kevin Reiterer                     (AUT)             12 laps

2. Salman Al Awadhi (UAE)             +41.40

3. Stian Schjetlein                   (NOR)             +43.35

4. Barnabas Szabo                   (HUN)             +48.00

5. Nacho Armillas                   (SPA)              +49.50

6. Mickael Poret                      (FRA)              +51.34

7. Daniel Svae Andersen        (NOR)             +56.46

8. Ulrik Berntsen                     (NOR)             +58.94

9. Abdulla Alhammadi           (UAE)             +1m.06

10. Gabor Szabo                     (HUN)             +1m.10


Ski Ladies GP1 – Moto 3


1. Jessica Chavanne                (FRA)              10 laps

2. Emma-Nellie Ortendahl      (SWE)             +3.26

3. Jasmiin Ypraus                    (EST)               +19.25

4. Estelle Poret                        (FRA)              +23.79

5. Sofie Borgstrom                  (SWE)             +26.58

6. Krista Uzare                        (LAT)              +29.22

7. Jonna Borgstrom                 (SWE)             +1m.05           

8. Lisa Caussin Battagli          (MCO) +1m.10           

9. Virginie Morlaes                 (FRA)              +1m.32

10. Joana Graca                       (POR)              +1m.52


Overall Grand Prix of Kuwait results and leading championship positions


Runabout GP1


1. Yousef Al Abdulrazzaq      (KWT) 45pts

2. Marcus Jorgensen                (Den)               44pts

3. Jeremy Perez                       (FRA)              36pts  

4. Samuel Johansson               (SWE)             36pts  

5. Rasmus Koch Hansen         (DEN)             30pts

6. Andrzej Wisniewski            (POL)              28pts

7. Rashed Al Tayer                 (UAE)             25pts

8. Alejandro Molina Miranda(SPA)               23pts

9. Lino Araujo             (POR)              23pts

10. Johan Johansson                (SWE)             22pts


Ski GP1


1. Stian Schjetlein                   (NOR)             62pts

2. Nacho Armillas                   (SPA)              56pts

3. Kevin Reiterer                     (AUT)             55pts

4. Mickael Poret                      (FRA)              55pts

5. Barnabas Szabo                   (HUN)             52pts

6. Salman Al Awadhi (UAE)             48pts

7. Abdulla Alhammadi           (UAE)             42pts

8. Axel Courtois                      (FRA)              35pts

9. Daniel Svae Andersen        (NOR)             32pts

10. Andrea Guidi                    (ITA)               32pts



Ski Ladies GP1


1. Jessica Chavanne                (FRA)              66pts  

3. Jasmiin Ypraus                    (EST)               56pts  

6. Estelle Poret                        (FRA)              55pts

8. Lisa Caussin Battagli          (MCO) 46pts  

5.  Emma-Nellie Ortendahl     (SWE)             44pts  

6. Jonna Borgstrom                 (SWE)             39pts

7. Joana Graca             (POR)              39pts

8. Virginie Morlaes                 (FRA)              38pts

9. Kylie Ellmers                      (NZ)                35pts  

10. Krista Uzare                      (LAT)              33pts





1.     Rashed Al Tayer – denied a second win by mechanical failure

2.     Salman Al Awadhi – best finish so far

2.     Rashed Al-Mulla – another win for the world champion          


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Al Tayer secures convincing victory to launch Runabout GP1 title bid as world champion Al Mulla shrugs off injury to win again


Kuwait City, Kuwait, 14th February, 2020: Team Abu Dhabi’s Rashed Al Tayer powered his way to an emphatic victory in the Grand Prix of Kuwait today to launch his title challenge in the 2020 UIM-ABP Aquabike World Championship.


 The Emirati rider followed up his first pole position success in the series 24 hours earlier by winning the opening Runabout GP1 moto of the season in convincing style on a dramatic day of racing.


Team Abu Dhabi’s second victory of the day arrived from reigning world freestyle champion Rashid Al Mulla who took the first moto less than a month after breaking his right shoulder in training, having missed the previous day’s qualifier because of technical issues.


Surging into the lead from the start, Al Tayer was never challenged as he raced away to win by 12.77 secs from last year’s championship runner up, Denmark’s Marcus Jorgensen, with Kuwait’s four-time world champion, Yousef Al Abdulrazzaq, another 39 secs away in third.


With Saturday’s second Runabout GP1 moto to follow, Al Tayer is seeking to repeat his overall Grand Prix triumph at last season’s opening round in Portugal.


Aiming to mark her Team Abu Dhabi debut with a win after securing pole position in Ski Ladies GP1, three-times champion Emma-Nellie Ortendahl had to settle for second place behind fellow-Swede Jonna Borgstrom in the first moto.


Ortendahl looked like taking victory in the second moto after a spectacular battle with Borgstrom before a collision near the finish put both riders out of the race, presenting the win to France’s Jessica Chavanne


There was frustration too for Victory Team’s defending Ski GP1 champion Kevin Reiterer who won the first moto by 37.69 secs from Norway’s Stian Schjetlein but then fell victim to mechanical problems as Spain’s Nacho Armillas won moto 2 from Frenchman Mickael Poret.


After a tenth place finish in the first moto, Team Abu Dhabi’s Salman Al Awadhi finished sixth in the second moto.



Runabout GP1 – Moto 1 

1. Rashed Al Tayer                 (UAE)             17 laps

2. Marcus Jorgensen                (Den)               +12.77

3. Yousef Al Abdulrazzaq      (KWT) +51.93

4. Samuel Johansson               (SWE)             +52.35

5. Jeremy Perez                       (FRA)              L1       

6. Andrzej Wisniewski            (POL)              L1

7. Rasmus Koch Hansen         (DEN)             L1       

8. Lino Araujo             (POR)              L1

9. Rashed Aldawas                 (KUW)            L1

10. Christophe Agostinho       (POR)              L2


Ski GP1 – Moto 1

1.Kevin Reiterer                      (AUT)             12 laps

2. Stian Schjetlein                   (NOR)             +37.69

3. Barnabas Szabo                   (HUN)             +40.81

4. Mickael Poret                      (FRA)              +1m.02           

5. Axel Courtois                      (FRA)              +1m.11           

6. Nacho Armillas                   (SPA)              +1m.20           

7. Abdulla Alhammadi           (UAE)             +1m.26           

8 Oliver Koch Hansen (DEN)             +1m.31

9. Andrea Guidi                      (ITA)               L1

10. Salman Al Awadhi           (UAE)             L1      

Ski GP1 – Moto 2 

1. Nacho Armillas                   (SPA)              11 laps

2. Mickael Poret                      (FRA)              +14.84

3. Stian Schjetlein                   (NOR)             +19.92

4. Daniel Svae Andersen        (NOR)             +23.29

5. Abdulla Alhammadi           (UAE)             +29.00

6. Salman Al Awadhi (UAE)             +32.34

7. Barnabas Szabo                   (HUN)             +32.86

8. Axel Courtois                      (FRA)              +40.42

9. Oliver Koch Hansen           (DEN)             +43.47

10. Ulrik Berntsen                   (NOR)             +47.21


Ski Ladies GP1 – Moto 1

1. Jonna Borgstrom                 (SWE)             11 laps

2.  Emma-Nellie Ortendahl     (SWE)             +1.15  

3. Jasmiin Ypraus                    (EST)               +17.11

4. Krista Uzare                        (LAT)              +19.96

5. Jessica Chavanne                (FRA)              +28.58

6. Estelle Poret                        (FRA)              +52.08

7. Sofie Borgstrom                  (SWE)             +53.07

8. Lisa Caussin Battagli          (MCO) +1m.15           

9. Kylie Ellmers                      (NZ)                +1m.50

10. Virginie Morlaes               (FRA)              +1m.52


Ski Ladies GP1 – Moto 2

1. Jessica Chavanne                (FRA)              10 laps

2. Estelle Poret                        (FRA)              +7.02  

3. Lisa Caussin Battaglia        (MCO) +1m.13

4. Joana Graca             (POR)              +1m.19

5. Jasmiin Ypraus                    (EST)               +1m.22

6. Virginie Morlaes                 (FRA)              +1m.23

7. Janina Johansson                 (SWE)             +1m.32

8. Kylie Ellmers                      (NZ)                L1




 1.Rashed Al Tayer powering his way to victory in Kuwait

2. Emma-Nellie Ortendahl – involved in race drama

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Al Tayer tops Runabout GP1 qualifying as Ortendahl dominates Ski Ladies GP1 on team debut


Kuwait City, Kuwait, 13th February, 2020: Rashed Al Tayer and Emma-Nellie Ortendahl gave Team Abu Dhabi a brilliant start to the 2020 UIM-ABP Aquabike World Championship today with a double pole position success in the Grand Prix of Kuwait.


Three-times Ski Ladies GP1 champion Ortendahl launched her bid for a fourth world title by topping both qualifying sessions, ultimately outpacing her closest challenger, Latvia’s Krista Uzare, by 1.29 secs in the best of five-laps decider


Al Tayer matched the Swede’s performance on her Team Abu Dhabi debut with his own flying start to the season in Runabout GP1 as he looks to repeat his opening round Grand Prix victory in Portugal last season.


Fastest in Q1 by 0.69 secs from last year’s championship runner up, Denmark’s Marcus Jorgensen, the Emirati rider went on to claim pole positon when he edged out Kuwait’s four-time world champion Yousef Al Abdulrazzaq by 0.23 secs in Q2.


In Ski GP1, Victory Team’s defending champion Kevin Reiterer claimed pole position by an emphatic margin of 4.07 secs from Norway’s Ulrik Berntsen as Team Abu Dhabi’s Salman Al Awadhi qualified cautiously in 14th place.


Team Abu Dhabi’s reigning freestyle champion Rashid Al Mulla was later beginning the defence of his title less than a month after breaking his right shoulder while preparing for the start of the new season.

Pole position qualifying positions

Runabout GP1


1. Rashed Al Tayer                 (UAE)             1:25.38           

2. Yousef Al Abdulrazzaq      (KWT) 1:25.61           

3. Marcus Jorgensen                (Den)               1:26.07           

4. Samuel Johansson               (SWE)             1:29.67           

5.Alejandro Molina Miranda(SPA)                1:30.33           

6. Rasmus Koch Hansen         (DEN)             1:30.34           

7. Jeremy Perez                       (FRA)              1:31.06           

8. Ali Allanjawi                       (UAE)             1:31.84           

9. Lorenzo Benaglia                (ITA)               2:20.02           


Ski GP1


1.Kevin Reiterer                      (AUT)             1:33.91           

2. Barnabas Szabo                   (HUN)             1:37.98           

3. Mickael Poret                      (FRA)              1:38.15           

4. Nacho Armillas                   (SPA)              1:38.84           

5. Stian Schjetlein                   (NOR)             1:38.95           

6. Ulrik Berntsen                     (NOR)             1:39.30           

7. Mads Koch Hansen (DEN)             1:42.04           

8. Axel Courtois                      (FRA)              1:42.10           

9. Abdulla Alhammadi           (UAE)             1:42.93           

10. Gabor Szabo                     (HUN)             1:44.61           


Ski Ladies GP1


1.  Emma-Nellie Ortendahl     (SWE)             1:37.97           

2. Krista Uzare                        (LAT)              1:39.26           

3. Jonna Borgstrom                 (SWE)             1:39.40           

4. Jasmiin Ypraus                    (EST)               1:39.52           

5. Estelle Poret                        (FRA)              1:40.92           

6. Virginie Morlaes                 (FRA)              1:41.16           

7. Sofie Borgstrom                  (SWE)             1:41.60           

8. Jessica Chavanne                (FRA)              1:42.18           

9. Lisa Caussin Battagli          (MCO) 1:48.22           

10. Janina Johansson               (SWE)             1:51.20           




1. Rashed Al Tayer – a flying start with pole position in in Runabout GP1

2. Emma-Nellie Ortendahl – another dominant display on her Team Abu Dhabi debut


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Reigning freestyle champion heads for opening round after breaking shoulder in practice


Abu Dhabi, UAE, 11th February, 2020: Team Abu Dhabi’s Rashid Al Mulla aims to begin the defence of his freestyle title in the UIM-ABP Aquabike World Championship this weekend despite breaking his shoulder while preparing for the start of the new season in Kuwait.


The Emirati rider, world champion for the last two years after ten Grand Prix victories in succession, heads into Thursday’s official practice for the Grand Prix of Kuwait uncertain of whether he will be able to contest the first moto the next day.


“I will do my best to start and get as many points as I can” said Al Mulla. “The pain is only about 30% now and I want to give it a try. I was doing a back flip with one hand in training when my hand slipped and I fell on the ski and broke my right shoulder.”


After hospital treatment three weeks ago, Al Mulla was told he would need a month to recover, and kept his injury largely to himself in the build-up to the new season. If he recovers in time, Team Abu Dhabi will retain hopes of a triple world title success this season, despite the certainty that this will be a hugely competitive world championship.


With three-times Ski Ladies GP1 champion Emma-Nellie Ortendahl making her Team Abu Dhabi debut in Kuwait, Rashed Al Tayer hopes to repeat his opening round Grand Prix victory in Portugal last season while Salman Al Awadhi challenges in Ski GP1.


Caption:          Rashid Al Mulla has dominated the freestyle championship for two years


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Swedish star targets fourth aquabikes crown 

 Abu Dhabi, UAE, 9th February, 2020: Emma-Nellie Ortendahl makes her Team Abu Dhabi debut in next weekend’s Grand Prix of Kuwait with her sights set firmly on a fourth Ski Ladies GP1 title in the UIM-ABP Aquabike World Championship.

Sweden’s golden girl of aquabike racing teams up for the first time with reigning world freestyle champion Rashid Al Mulla, Runabout GP1 contender Rashed Al Tayer and Ski GP1 rider Salman Al Awadhi in the opening round of 2020 season.

Ortendahl, who has initially signed a 12-month contract with Team Abu Dhabi, but this is expected to develop into a long-term relationship.

“We want to give her the opportunity to win many more world titles, and the whole team is happy to have her on board to start the new season in Kuwait,” said Salem Al Remeithi, General Manager of Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club (ADIMSC).

Ortendahl won all but one moto and Grand Prix last season and the 21-year-old tops the all-time rankings with ten Grand Prix wins and 19 podiums.

She expects a tough title defence however, with fellow Swede and 2019 runner-up Jonna Borgstrom, France’s third-placed Estelle Poret, Estonia’s Jasmiin Ypraus and Latvia’s 2018 champion, Krista Uzare, among her main challengers.

Despite slipping to tenth overall in Runabout GP1 last season after a series of mishaps, Al Tayer won the opening Grand Prix in Portugal and did enough to suggest he can be a serious challenger this time to France’s reigning champion, Jeremy Perez

Al Awadhi also starts the new season looking to build on his ninth place overall in the 2019 Ski GP1 series, and both he and Al Tayer will be motivated by the presence of two world champions as team-mates.

There is no bigger pre-season favourite than Al Mulla, who has dominated the freestyle championship for the last two seasons and is aiming to stretch his winning run to 11 Grand Prix in Kuwait.

The Grand Prix of Kuwait begins on Thursday with practice and Pole Position. Friday brings Moto 1 for Runabout and Freestyle and Motos 1 and 2 for Ski followed by Parallel Slalom and a Freestyle show in the evening. Saturday morning sees a second free practice leading to the final Motos for all categories.



1.  Welcome aboard ! Emma-Nellie Ortendahl with Salem Al Remeithi, General Manager of Abu    

     Dhabi International Marine Sports Club, and new team-mates Rashid Al Mulla (left) and 

     Rashed Al Tayer.

2.  Salman Al Awadhi starts another season in Ski GP1 in Kuwait.

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AbuDhabi, UAE, 8th February, 2020: Kuwait’s Mohammed Bou Rabei powered his way to a Runabout GP1 victory in heat two of the UAE International Aquabikes Championship as Emirati Ahmed Al Hammadi secured a double title success.

With 82 riders competing in front of almost 3,000 spectators on the shore of Al-Hudayriyat Island in Abu Dhabi at the weekend, Bou Rabei won the professional category, one of 11 classes overall, ahead of Mohammed Al-Baz and Youssef Al-Abd Al-Razzaq.

Al Hammadi secured the Sky Junior GP3.3 title from Saeed Al Awadi and Suhail Al Hammadi, and followed up with victory in the Runabout GP4 class ahead of Kuwaiti Ahmed Al Khudhari and Saud Youssef.

Staged by Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club (ADIMSC), the event saw Frenchman Raphael Morin take the honours in Runabout GP2, beating Stefan Duliac into second place, with Salman Al-Awadhi third.

 Amer Hawair, the 2019 UAE Jet Ski Marathon champion, raced to victory in Runabout GP3 from Khalifa Al-Mazrouqi and Salem Al-Yafei.

The event reached its climax with Muhammad Ali Al Hamliturning on a sparkling display to win the freestyle title from fellow Emirati Abdul Jalil Al Awadi and Moroccan Yassin Fadli.

Caption:The prize winners received their trophies from Salem Al Rumeithi, General Manager of Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club.

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Catch of the day weighs in at AED6,482 per kilogram in Abu Dhabi fishing championship

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 26th January 2020: The Middle East’s biggest fishing tournament offering AED1.3m in prizemoney in Abu Dhabi concluded with a charitable auction which raised AED592,000 for the Emirates Red Crescent. 

The catch of the day, a 30.85kg Al Kanad landed by Emirati Hamdan Al-Obaidli, set a new record when it went for AED200,000 in the auction at Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club (ADIMSC).

At AED6,482 per kilogram, it beat the previous record of AED125,000 for a single fish auctioned at the Abu Dhabi King Fish and Cobia Fishing Championship, now in its third year.

The four-day second round of the championship, which attracted more than 400 participants, concluded with yesterday’s auction of the 15 biggest fish caught.

Saif Al-Darwish, who went away with the record-breaking Al Kanad after some lively bidding, said: “I heard about the auction a few days ago, and the main reason to be there was to support a good humanitarian cause.”

Hazza bin Rabie Al-Muhairi, founder of sponsors Al-Tayyar team, said: “The new record means we achieved more than one goal through the auction, which was a channel to deliver support to those in need.”

 ADIMSC General Manager Salem Al-Rumaithi said the next round of the championship in March will feature another charitable auction.

 Caption:  Emirati Saif Al-Darwish with the record-breaking Al Kanad he landed at the charity auction



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